Gong Yoo Tried So, So Hard Not To Get Cast For One Of His Most Legendary Dramas

“To be honest, I tried my very best to not be in the drama.”

Gong Yoo appeared on Because I Want To Talk and opened up with his good friend, Lee Dong Wook, about the turning point in his career.

Lee Dong Wook first introduced Gong Yoo’s turning point as the mega-hit drama series Coffee Prince from back in 2007. Although it was such a big hit, Gong Yoo actually tried his very best to not get cast for the role!

He revealed that the project was offered to him during a phase in his life when he wondered if acting was truly his path in life.

He felt tortured by the conflicting thoughts but ultimately decided to take the offer as he was cast for the role of the main male lead.

To be honest, I tried my very best to not be in the drama.

The drama itself is good and very entertaining, but I was turning 30 around the time and facing my enlistment soon. I went over a lot of realistic dilemmas that you have around that age.

I was introduced to the project around the time when I felt doubtful about my career as an actor.

I wanted to become an actor who has his own signature color. I wondered if I was being wasteful. Thoughts like that tortured me a lot during that time.

— Gong Yoo

Looking back now, Gong Yoo says Coffee Prince is one of his most special projects in his career. He is grateful that it reawakened his passion for acting and allowed him to come this far!

I don’t know how my life would have been if I didn’t do it.

It was a project that reawakened my passion in acting. I always say that it holds a special meaning to me.

— Gong Yoo

Not only is Gong Yoo glad he went through with the drama, millions of K-Drama fans everywhere are probably thankful he took on the sweet-yet-comedic role!

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