Gong Yoo Turns On His Hotness In Latest Photoshoot

Gong Yoo looked absolutely handsome in casual wear for his latest photo shoot with Korean magazine High Cut.

Volume 191 of High Cut magazine’s was recently released and featured actor Gong Yoo from the popular tVN drama, Goblin. Dressed in light and comfortable outfit, Gong Yoo showcased a fresh look that worked perfectly for the end of the winter season. He wore padded jackets that looked  both comfortable and stylish.

As opposed to other idols featured on High Cut, Gong Yoo boasted a more mature and developed look with his handsome and seasoned appearance. From a designer shirt to no shirt at all, Gong Yoo proved that he can really look good in anything.

Check out the photos below:

Gong Yoo is currently the biggest celebrity in Korea.


“Goblin” has turned Gong Yoo into a true superstar.
Gong Yoo’s smile has captured the hearts of fans all over Korea.
He perfectly captured the “laid back” look.

Don’t forget to check out video from his photo shoot as well:


Source: High Cut