Gong Yoo’s agency officially respond to Chinese reports of his sickness

After rumours that Gong Yoo was extremely unwell, his agency released an official response denying the rumours.

Chinese media reported earlier today that Gong Yoo was reported to be in bad health. This report came about when a fan commented on Gong Yoo’s Weibo that he looked unwell. Chinese media began writing on it and the rumour became exaggerated. Gong Yoo’s agency Soop Entertainment, however, announced these reports are false.

On January 11, a representative from Gong Yoo’s agency, Soop Entertainment, announced that Chinese reports on Gong Yoo’s bad health is false. They stated that while Gong Yoo has been feeling tired due to continued filming, reports on how he may have a severe health condition are false.

They further explained:

Several fans uploaded a post on how Gong Yoo looked sick on their Weibo accounts. This spread throughout China, and reached a Chinese news outlet, where they published an article stating he was in a bad health condition. Currently, Gong Yoo is healthily doing his best to finalize filming for Goblin.

Goblin has 4 episodes remaining, with its last two episodes scheduled to be aired on January 21, 2017, with a special episode scheduled to be aired on January 14.

Source: Sports Chosun