Goo Hara Expertly Promotes Her Upcoming Single By Being Accidentally Cute On Japanese Variety Show

Even the hosts weren’t prepared for the level of cuteness she brought to their program.

KARA‘s Goo Hara made an appearance on the Japanese variety show Otoboke Pops to promote her new single “Midnight Queen”, which is set to release on November 13.


The talented singer shared delightful clips of her appearance on the show to her Instagram account, which shows her and the panel of hosts having an animated discussion, when she lost her balance and fell forward, leading to everyone, including Hara to laugh uproariously.

As she’s laughing, she bumps her head on the armrest of the chair hard enough for an audible “thump” sound, which made everyone laugh even harder. In the background, the hosts are heard asking whether she’s okay and saying how cute she is.

Goo Hara might be the greatest promotional genius of all time because the cute clips definitely got fans talking and was a fun and unique way to stir up additional interest in her upcoming release.

Have you pre-ordered “Midnight Queen”? Are you looking forward to new music from Hara?


Source: kstyle