Goo Hara Reveals Kim Heechul Proposed To Her Multiple Times

Recent episode of Knowing Brother featuring Goo Hara, she revealed that Heechul has attempted to seduce her on multiple occasions.

In the “Guess About Me” segment of the show, Hara asked

“What do you think Heechul said every time we shot a TV show together as co-hosts?”

Many wild guesses were made, until Seo Janghoon guessed the right answer of “Hara, do you want to marry me?”

Upon hearing the answer of Hara’s question, Heechul panicked and denied that such things were said.

“No, you definitely whispered to me every time we saw each other, ‘Hara let’s get married’ or ‘Hara do you want to marry me?'”

— Goo Hara

Heechul strongly denied saying that Hara was not his type.

Hara fought back against him saying that Heechul was also not her type.

After the two were playfully bickering at each other, the rest of the cast speculated the possibility of one of them having feelings for each other.

Kang Ho Dong went as far as filming the whole situation on his phone for evidence in case one of them changed their word on the situation.

He further stated that Heechul’s move of consistently toying around a girl’s heart was “foxy” and unforgivable.

Source: Wikitree