Goo Hara Updates Fans with New Photos Following Her Eyelid Surgery

“Please continue to view me in a favorable light no matter what I look like.”

Goo Hara recently uploaded multiple selfies of herself following the blepharoptosis surgery she underwent for her drooping eyelid.

Just three weeks ago, Goo Hara shared a photo of her new look along with a caption explaining her situation and the reason why she decided to undergo the surgery.

She shared that she suffered from a lot of emotional hurt by negative comments during her early days as an idol and that she also felt discomfort in her right eye, which was another reason for her decision.

Goo Hara explained, “I think it’s time that I share this with you with confidence. Please continue to view me in a favorable light no matter what I look like.

The recent photos that she uploaded show her looking a little different from before but still beautiful as always.

As a celebrity, it’s hard to dodge all negative comments criticizing her every move, but it’s enlightening to hear her share her thoughts and express her stance in a confident manner.

Blepharoptosis surgery is a procedure that aims to lift upper eyelids that droop as a result of weak muscle strength. But luckily, it’s known to be a condition that is relatively easy to treat via various eyelid correction surgeries.

Source: Dispatch