Google Translate Turned This Innocent Art Into A Complete Fail

“That does NOT mean hermit crab.”

Google Translate boasts its unique talent of creating some of the funniest cases, thanks to its out-of-this-world mistranslations that come up sometimes. When artist Gareth Davies consulted it so he could harmlessly reference Spongebob Squarepants, Google decided to pull one again.


For his illustration of Monsieur Rákok, an adorable little hermit crab, Gareth Davies looked up “mr crab” in Korean to put next to the creature. Of course, Google Translate told him to write “Ssibal (씨발, f*ck)”, which he did.


When he tweeted his crab, now cursing at everyone in Korean, it made Korean Twitter users curious as to if he intended to make Mr. Crab so angry.


Gareth Davies explained he used what he got from Google Translate, then shared a screenshot of technology failing him big time.


When done right though, Google Translate does put out “미스터 크랩 (Mr. Crab)”. It is a matter of punctuation and spacing — the wonders those things can do to a language.

While it is unclear why “mr crab” translated over to “Ssibal (씨발, f*ck)” in Korean, strangely enough “Ssibal” does come close to the English phrase, “Oh, crap.”


The artist apologized for the crab’s crappy attitude.

“How to accidentally insult people using only a crab and bad translation…” — Gareth Davies


Many Koreans have grown fond of the angry crab though.

  • “Leave it. That makes it a masterpiece.”

  • “LMAO I’m cracking up here. I love it.”

  • “It goes so well with the picture though, like he meant to do it.”


As for the last minute Korean 101, a hermit crab in Korean would be “Sora-gae (소라게)”.

Source: Joins News