Here’s why Gordon Ramsay should give BTS’ Jin another chance

Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef and the host of Hell’s Kitchen, recently critiqued BTSJin over his cooking when a fan tweeted a photo of his food to the famous chef.

Given Jin’s history with cooking and love for food, Gordon Ramsay should definitely give him another chance. Not only does Jin have his Eat Jin mukbang show that fans adore, he also has his Cooking Diary blog on the official BTS blog.

Here’s why Jin should be given another chance by the Chef.

1.He’s not afraid to laugh at his mistakes

After failing to make bread, all Jin could do was laugh and try to rectify his mistake by adding jam.

2. He knows that mixing by hand will give you the best taste

3. He can multitask

A skill that is well needed in the kitchen.

4. He know how to give orders, like a true chef

5. He knows the secrets to marinating meat

6.He knows how to really appreciate food