Gordon Ramsey Uploaded Picture Of This Korean Food, Some of His Fans Didn’t Approve

Gordon Ramsey recently visited Gwangjang Market to try out sannakji and yukhoe, but his followers weren’t too happy.

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Sannakji is raw octopus served while it’s still wriggling, although it isn’t actually alive.

Image Source: Cyworld

The tentacles are chopped up after the octopus has died, but the nerve activity continues, making it writhe.

He also had ‘yukhoe’ (raw seasoned beef) sitting under the sannakji, with a raw egg yolk on top.

Image Source: Pinterest

His followers called it “disgusting” as the idea of completely raw meat and wriggling tentacles horrified them.

Others marveled at the dish and expressed that it was interesting to see him try such a unique cuisine.

Would you ever want to try sannakji and yukhoe?

Image Source: MKun

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