Got A Burning Question? Ask BTS’s Suga And He Will Answer

Suga will answer all your questions.

On April 23, BTS went on a content-spree and showered fans with tons of content through social media and live streams. From V‘s radio session to RM and J-Hope‘s arts and crafts time, fans were truly blessed this day. Suga came on Twitter and left a message that had fans very excited.

SugaSugaShoopD is coming back. ARMYs, do you have anything you’re curious about BTS? I will answer that curiosity! #슙디에게물어봐 (AskShoopD)”

Fans were excited because not only did Suga come onto social media, but he also gave fans the opportunity to ask questions that he would answer for them later. Fans flooded Twitter with their questions, with most of them asking when his next mix tape would come out.

“Oppa, when will we get a new mix tape?”

“When will the next mix tape come out? When will we get an English vlog? Does Holly still step over you? Are you going to have a ripped body since you work out when you’re stressed? Why are you so cute?”

“When will there be a cypher 5?”

“Do you still go fishing with Jin hyung?”

“What book are you reading these days?”

“Could you tell us some behind-the-scene stories about the production process? I want to see you producing music!”

“I saw that ‘Seesaw’ was originally called ‘Flower’. Why is that?”

What other questions would you like to ask Suga?