GOT7 Share Their Alcohol Tolerance Levels, And Their Strongest Drinkers Might Surprise You

We need another chaotic drunk broadcast from GOT7.

In the third behind-the-scenes video of GOT7‘s FANCON: HOMECOMING, the members included a clip of their talking session with Ahgases, where they gave TMIs according to the keywords they were given.

The first key phrase was “Late Night Mood,” and Youngjae asked the members what they like to do late at night if they get sentimental.

Jinyoung (left) and Youngjae (right) | GOT7/YouTube

BamBam answered that he doesn’t get sentimental late at night. Instead, he’s usually on Twitter if he’s awake at that hour. Everyone in K-Pop knows BamBam’s tweets are comedic gold, possibly because of his unfiltered thoughts at dawn.

Jackson (left) and BamBam (right) | GOT7/YouTube

When GOT7 got to the key phrase, “Alcohol Tolerance,” Ahgases and the members (BamBam especially) were excited to learn and share about each member’s tolerance levels.

BamBam stated that in the ten years of their friendship, he’s never seen Youngjae drunk. While Youngjae insisted that his tolerance is much lower nowadays, it’ll probably take another drinking session with the rest of GOT7 for BamBam to believe his words. And considering how Youngjae’s previous tolerance was sky high, his lower tolerance could still be pretty impressive.

The members then agreed that Yugyeom also had a high tolerance, and in classic GOT7 fashion, they couldn’t praise their maknae without adding in some teasing.

Jinyoung: I think Yugyeom drinks as much as his height.

Youngjae: (directed at Yugyeom) Then do you drink more than 180 cups? (Yugyeom is 183 cm tall)

Yugyeom (left), Jay B (center), Mark (right) | GOT7/YouTube

Jinyoung then shared that he doesn’t think he’s a heavy drinker.

I think I just drink to match others.

Jay B was quick to refute Jinyoung, saying how those who usually say that they only drink to match others are the ones who truly have a high tolerance.

Finally, Mark shared his drinking habits rather than his tolerance levels.

I drink and enjoy, then disappear quietly when I feel like I’m going to get drunk.

While everyone chuckled at Mark’s answer, BamBam told Ahgases how Mark’s drinking habits were ideal. Knowing your limits is important so you won’t hurt your health. You don’t have to disappear like Mark does after hitting your limit, but you can stop drinking and just enjoy the time you’re having with everyone.