Their Secret: How GOT7 Is Keeping The Group Alive Despite Being Soloists In Different Companies

They’re doing solo activities but did not disband.

GOT7 is a former JYP Entertainment boy group who was active from 2014 until 2021.

The seven members, consisting of Jay B, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom, went their separate ways after their contracts expired and joined different companies. Unlike most K-Pop groups, however, they did not officially disband. In fact, they made it clear to their fans that although they are pursuing solo activities now, they plan to regroup in the future.

GOT7 | @GOT7/Twitter

In the eight episode of BamHouse, BamBam opened up about the fact that it is actually difficult to keep the group together.

We are in seven different companies, too. It was really difficult.

— BamBam

He revealed that there is one important thing to do in order to retain their bond despite having vastly different schedules and career paths: appointing someone to lead group-related tasks.

It’s good to have someone act as a main person.

— BamBam

Within GOT7, it is himself and Jay B who lead the team when it comes to internal and external group matters.

Honestly for us, the main people who move are me and Jay B.

— BamBam

According to BamBam, this is because “Jay B is leader and I’m maknae [one of the youngest members.]”

We have strong pride in GOT7.

— BamBam

Jay B personally visited each member to ensure they signed the contract binding them together. He was the one who played the biggest role in continuing the legacy of the group.

After we went outside of previous company and did first comeback, Jay B went around houses of all members to sign the contract. He really worked hard to continue the name of ‘GOT7.’

— BamBam

BamBam, meanwhile, took charge of smaller matters such as gathering opinions on their light stick design.

For me, I worked on the light stick getting opinion from the members, etc.

— BamBam

Finally, he emphasized the importance of ensuring there are people who are ultra-committed to keeping the group together.

When there are people who move like this, it works.

— BamBam

Check out the full episode below to learn more about BamBam!

Source: YouTube