The One Thing That Annoys Got7’s BamBam The Most About Living In South Korea

There’s one thing he can’t get over.

Got7‘s Bambam has been living in South Korea ever since he was a child. He arrived here as a trainee of JYP Entertainment when he was just 13 years old.

Got7’s Bambam Pre-Debut

At 26 years old, he now has extensive experience living in the foreign country. While he has already integrated himself well and loves it here, there are some things that still bother him.

He mentioned one main problem while cooking with his friend and fellow Thai (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie.

It is the prices of Thai food that annoys him the most about South Korea. He prefers to make som tam, a Thai green papaya salad, at home partly because of how expensive it is in restaurants.

Honestly, there is one thing that annoys me in Korea. Thai restaurants in Korea sell som tam for ₩15,000 KRW (about $11.40 USD).

— BamBam

A single som tam dish in Korea can cost ten times as much compared to buying it in Thailand.

Minnie: How much is that in Thai currency?

BamBam: 300-400 bhat. But in Thailand it’s only 30 bhat which is ₩1,000 KRW (about $0.76 USD).

Minnie: ₩1,000 KRW (about $0.76 USD). ₩2,000 KRW (about $1.52 USD) if it’s a bit expensive.

Another annoyance but for Minnie this time is just how hard it is to find local ingredients. Limes, a key fruit in many Thai dishes, is difficult to buy on a normal basis. BamBam purchased his online but Minnie still could not find it despite using the same website.

Minnie: Where do you buy the limes? How come I was unable to find it?

BamBam: What did you type? Did you type in Thai?

At the very least, BamBam’s self-made som tam is just as good or even better as the ones that can be bought in Korea!

BamBam makes really good som tam.

— Minnie

Check out the full video below!


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