GOT7’s BamBam Accidentally Drenched A Security Guard And His Reaction Is Making Everyone Soft

BamBam’s reaction was everything!

As a loud and energetic group, it’s no surprise that GOT7‘s concerts reflect their high-energy and their recent concert in Newark was no exception!

And that high-energy was especially clear when they brought out their water bottles and proceeded to start the most epic water fight! Absolutely nobody was safe from getting thoroughly soaked. Not their fellow members…

Not fans…

And not even the security!

But when BamBam realized he had accidentally splashed the guard while trying to drench Ahgases, he had the sweetest reaction ever. He quickly went over the guard and gave him an apology…

Before disappearing for a few seconds to get him a towel!

The moment is making everyone feel incredibly soft and it’s not hard to see why. BamBam really is the sweetest!