Fans Rediscovered One Of GOT7 BamBam’s Airport Looks And The Whole World Is Saying, “Thank You”

Seriously, thank you!

Fans have seen GOT7‘s BamBam rock so many looks over the years that it would be impossible to pick a favorite…but one look that recently resurfaced might come close!


Back in December 2018, GOT7 finished up their 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong schedule and flew back to Korea for a fan event. While each and every one of the members stunned with their airport fashion, BamBam’s look left everyone feeling seriously attacked.


With time, however, the photos got buried in the vast ocean that is the internet. Now, they’re back and everyone is once again feeling the effects of BamBam!


And seriously, who wouldn’t be feeling them! BamBam is jaw-dropping…




And pure fire!


Some netizens have been saying he’s straight-up anime while others simply can’t get over the look.


And absolutely everyone is saying a big thank you to Ahgase for rediscovering these photos!


Seriously, thank you!