GOT7’s BamBam Asked Rosanna Scotto From “Good Day New York” About Tinder And Fans Can’t Handle It

BamBam is cracking everyone up with his question:

With their appearance on FOX5‘s Good Day New York set to air on June 27, GOT7 was recently spotted on set where they had a reunion with the cast and crew.


In celebration of their return to the show, Rosanna Scotto dropped a few surprises for Ahgases on her Instagram including a picture of their time together, an Instagram story of their reunion, and a hilarious story about BamBam and the dating app, Tinder!


Through her story, Rosanna revealed that she and GOT7 had been talking about dating apps and while on the topic, BamBam had asked her one question about Tinder.

I’m talking dating apps with the guys and what did you ask me? You asked me a question!

— Rosanna Scotto


When she tried to get BamBam to reveal the question one more time for the video, BamBam tried to dodge it…

Um… have you done it before?

— BamBam


But Rosanna hilariously exposed him anyway!

No, but he asked me what my profile was on Tinder! And I said I’m married!

— Rosanna


With BamBam’s Tinder profile question fully exposed, Ahgase couldn’t help cracking up over BamBam’s extraness!


With Rosanna’s hilarious Instagram posts already tickling everyone’s funny bone, fans are even more pumped to see them on the show on June 27!