GOT7’s BamBam Reveals The Touching Reason He Calls BLACKPINK’s Lisa “Noona”

Their friendship is so cute!

It is no secret that GOT7‘s BamBam and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa are #friendshipgoals. They have known each other since they were young, and both moved to Korea from Thailand to live out their dreams to become K-Pop idols.

BamBam recently appeared on SBS Power FM‘s podcast Park Sohyun’s Love Game, where he spoke about his friendship with Lisa! 

GOT7’s BamBam and BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Both BamBam and Lisa are 97 liners, and they are also the same age as fellow Thai K-Pop idol Minnie from (G)I-DLE. The host asked BamBam why, despite them all being the same age, he calls Lisa noona.

BamBam explained that he does it because of how long he has known Lisa, dating back years.

I mean, I’ve known Lisa since we were younger. But with Lisa, I only went up to Lisa’s waist (height-wise). So I think naturally, I began calling her noona.

— BamBam

| @daveypinks/ Twitter 

Yet, even though he explained that he calls her noona, it isn’t a term used all the time. He usually does it in certain situations.

Now, I’m used to it, but I don’t call her noona when we speak in Korean. I only call her noona when we speak in Thai.

— BamBam

| @daveypinks/ Twitter

In the same interview, BamBam also revealed that Lisa was one of the first people to listen to his songs before the album was released! After hearing this, it just makes their friendship even sweeter, and both Ahgases and BLINKs cannot get enough of the two of them. You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: @daveypinks and FI