GOT7’s BamBam Reveals What Actually Happened During His Viral Interaction With BTS’s Jungkook

“But, as there were so many ARMY…”

BTS and GOT7 have had many endearing interactions over the years, especially between Jungkook and BamBam, as they are both a part of the famous ’97 line friend group.

In one viral clip of the two friends interacting, BamBam can be seen greeting Jungkook before he turns the idol around to bow with the rest of BTS. BamBam even slid away, gesturing at BTS as if to focus all the attention on them.

BTS and GOT7’s BamBam | @kooksmaniac/Twitter 

In a recent interview with 1theK Originals, BamBam opened up about what was actually going through his mind during that moment.

GOT7’s BamBam | 1theK Originals/YouTube 

Because it was during an awards ceremony, many idols crowded together on stage, but BamBam had noticed how many ARMY were there to cheer on BTS specifically.

| 1theK Originals/YouTube 

Even though BamBam had tried to leave the stage quickly, Jungkook greeted his friend even though, at the same time, the rest of BTS were bowing to their fans.

| 1theK Originals/YouTube 

Seeing that, BamBam “turned” Jungkook so he could do the same and left the area so BTS could interact with the fans that had come to support them.

| 1theK Originals/YouTube 

Reacting to comments praising him, the idol agreed that he’d been trying to get out of the way of BTS’s group picture, proving just how humble and kind he truly is.

| 1theK Originals/YouTube 

You can watch a clip of the full moment here.

Source: 1theK Originals

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