GOT7’s BamBam Burst Out Laughing When He Caught A Security Guard Passing His High Five To Fans

From BamBam, to the security guard, to fans:

GOT7 have had some pretty epic interactions with the security guards especially at their concerts, but this time around one adorable interaction led to an even cuter moment between a guard and Ahgases which in turn led to BamBam completely losing it!


GOT7 recently brought some of their signature high-energy to London on their Keep Spinning tour where they delivered stunning performances, hilarious ments, and a whole lot of fun interactions.


One of those fun interactions was all because of BamBam! During the performance, BamBam came up to one of the security guards at the edge of the stage and gave him a high five!


After receiving his high five, the guard couldn’t help showing Ahgase what had just happened…


And when he heard fans cheers, he headed right over to fans and passed the high five onto them!


BamBam, meanwhile, caught sight of the whole thing and burst out laughing on stage.


The epic high five moment has been getting some serious love from fans not only because of the guard’s awesome reaction but also because of BamBam’s hilarious one! And it’s easy to see why it’s getting so much love!