GOT7’s BamBam Couldn’t Stop Laughing After Realizing His Shirt Was Inside-Out

Everyone was already in on the joke of his inside-out shirt:

GOT7 recently stopped in Amsterdam for their Keep Spinning world tour and delivered big with their high-energy performances, hilarious interactions, fun ments, and even a brand new version of the “If You’re Happy And You Know It” song!


While all of that was going on, however, BamBam was completely unaware that he was experiencing a bit of a wardrobe malfunction! During their performance of “Miracle”, all of the members were rocking their signature Keep Spinning shirts. While all his fellow members had their shirts on the right way, BamBam was sporting his inside out!


As BamBam continued performing absolutely clueless about his shirt situation, Mark‘s eagle eyes quickly spotted the problem and he simply couldn’t resist sharing it with JB!


But as the good hyung Mark is, he decided that BamBam should know about his unique fashion look and let’s just say BamBam was very surprised to find out about his new fashion statement!


In fact, he hilariously showed Jackson the look before bursting out into laughter!


He was laughing so hard he had to calm himself down just to finish the song!


Once the song was done, he was still chuckling over his situation as he excused himself from the stage so he could fix his shirt, but not before his members took one last chance to tease him about it!


His members weren’t the only ones who had fun with this particular fashion faux pas! Ahgases simply couldn’t resist cracking up over everything from his members teasing to BamBam’s hilarious reaction!


Well, at least he didn’t go the whole concert not knowing his shirt was on the wrong way!