GOT7’s BamBam Gives His Opinion On Workplace Dating

He made an important point.

Even whenย GOT7‘s BamBam isn’t interacting with fans on Twitter, he’s always looking out for fans. This time, he offered some helpful dating advice.

BamBam | @BAMBAMxABYSS/Twitter

Since dating in the workplace can be tricky, BamBam gave his opinion on whether it was a wise choice.

During his Cosmopolitan Korea interview, the magazine’s youngest editor read BamBam a subscriber’s encounter with a couple in their office. They were so touchy that everyone in the office realized they were dating.

‘I witnessed an office romance. But, not being aware that everyone knows about them, they display PDA at work.’

— Subscriber

BamBam didn’t see an issue with it. He said, “But if they’re good at work, then what is there to say about that? Good at work; good at dating.” There was only one thing that would make it a bad idea.

If the couple only focused on each other, it would be a significant problem. Making the editor laugh, BamBam said, “If they’re bad at work, but only immersed in dating, then that would deserve scolding.

If you can balance your work and love life, dating a co-worker may lead to a happy ending.

Listen to BamBam’s love advice for dating in the workplace.


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