GOT7’s BamBam Explained The Real Reason He Says “Skrrt Skrrt” All The Time And It’s Peak BamBam

His reason is so BamBam!

On stage, off stage, and everywhere in between, there’s one phrase that GOT7‘s BamBam loves to use, “skrrt skrrt.” He’s been skrrt skrrt-ing for years now and while fans love it, they’ve often wondered what exactly it means and where it came from. In fact, that’s one of the most asked questions BamBam gets on Twitter which might be why he finally decided to reveal his skrrt skrrt secrets!


During GOT7’s recent concert in Melbourne, BamBam acknowledged that Ahgase were always asking about him saying “skrrt skrrt” and decided to explain a little about it.

You know, you guys are all on Twitter and a lot of people ask me why I’m always saying ‘skrrt skrrt.’ Well, let me explain.

— BamBam


Since BamBam is always moving so fast, sometimes he needs to slow down a little and the phrase represents him putting on the brakes!

I’m moving fast. I’m moving too fast and so I got to brake. Vroom… skrrt skrrt!’ You know? So I keep going ‘skrrt skrrt’ all the time. You know, I’m moving too fast but maybe it’s a little too fast so I’ve gotta slow down and when I come down…skrrt skrrt!

— BamBam


With his skrrt skrrt-ing secrets now revealed, Mark decided it was time for everyone to know why BamBam also always says “brrr!” To which, BamBam was only too happy to answer!

‘Brrr’ because I’m calling someone. Like brrr! I’m calling you guys but you guys never pick up. Next time when I call you guys again pick it up alright? Brrrr! I’m just messing around!

— BamBam


With the mystery behind “skrrt skrrt” and “brrr” now revealed, Ahgase everywhere couldn’t help cracking up and being in 100% agreement that his answer was peak BamBam!