GOT7 BamBam’s Family Reacted To “Who Are You” — And It Was Too Wholesome

They had the sweetest things to say.

GOT7‘s BamBam is well-known for being extremely close with his family, which is also easy to see from the way they constantly feature in his Instagram and social media. He even recruited his sister for the “Who Are You” dance challenge! So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that BamBam would film a reaction video with them to “Who Are You,” which has marked a special milestone for BamBam as his extremely successful first comeback as a solo artist. And it’s probably also not surprising that the video was wholesome from beginning to end!

BamBam started off by introducing all the members of his family…


They then began the video, and the family members were particularly impressed when Red Velvet‘s Seulgi began her verse, which was really sweet!

BamBam’s mom made a comment about how BamBam and Seulgi had a similar body type, and BamBam couldn’t help but laugh at that.

She then continued to make positive comments, saying that she liked the production, the tone of the video, and the aesthetics of it. And when BamBam and Seulgi appeared onscreen dancing together, BamBam couldn’t stop himself from making a wooping noise, before hilariously commenting that people were bound to criticize him for that.

His family laughed, but his sister reassured him that there was no way people would criticize that. Then his mom continued with the sweet, appreciative comments, once again pointing out how beautiful the music video and the choreography are. She even threw in a confident prediction…

..that turned out to be completely right! She also couldn’t help noticing one thing that has been delighting fans since the music video came out: the amazing choreography!

BamBam’s sister also had cute things to say, commenting on the magical vibes of the video.

The viewing ended with an enthusiastic round of applause.

And when BamBam asked his family what they thought of the video, they gave a very thoughtful, professional-sounding review!

His mom and his sister both said their favorite part was when Seulgi turns BamBam’s face with her hand, and BamBam hilariously said he liked that part too.

At the end, BamBam’s mom adorably asked BamBam how to say “the best” in Korean. BamBam told her it was daebak, after which she immediately turned back to the camera and exclaimed, “Daebak!” If that isn’t cute we don’t know what it is.

It’s amazing to see how close BamBam and his family are, and how much he values their input. BamBam’s relationship with his family says a lot of good things about him! Congratulations to BamBam on his successful comeback with “Who Are You”; we hope to see more of what him soon, as well as more of his lovely family supporting him!