GOT7’s BamBam Exposes Their Group Chat And Each Member’s Texting Style

Who else wants in on their group chat? 😆

GOT7‘s BamBam was the most recent guest on Red Velvet Seulgi‘s radio show, and had a fun time talking about his solo career thus far, as well as hilariously exposing his fellow group members.

BamBam revealed each member’s texting style in their group chat, starting off with Yugyeom.

BamBam himself on the other hand likes to “just say what needs to be said, or just send different emoticons.” On the other end of the spectrum however, is Jay B and Youngjae, who he hilariously deemed as the two noisiest members.

Meanwhile Jinyoung likes to keep it short and simple.

As for Mark, BamBam said he doesn’t get the chance to reply as often since he’s in a different time zone. BamBam revealed that Jackson is the member who closely follows all their activities, and will never forget to send them a message.

Seulgi was touched by their close group dynamic, and BamBam agreed, saying while it can get quite noisy at times, it’s fun and he can always count on his members.

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