GOT7’s BamBam’s Nephew Has The Funniest Reaction To Meeting The Idol For The First Time

Maybe his nephew wanted to change BamBam’s stage name to “Bye-Bye”?

GOT7‘s BamBam recently uploaded a vlog to his personal YouTube channel, where he visited Thailand to spend time with his family.

At the beginning of the vlog, he shares that it has been over two years since he has gotten to visit his family in Thailand.

BamBam | BamBam/YouTube 

And BamBam is clearly over the moon with excitement that he not only gets to see his family but that he can sleep in his new house and meet his nephew for the first time.

| BamBam/YouTube  

He eagerly showed his fans his two adorable dogs, Hana and Miho.

BamBam’s dogs Hana and Miho | BamBam/YouTube  

And his cat, who BamBam calls his favorite, Chang Uh.

BamBam and Chang Uh | BamBam/YouTube  

His mother greeted the camera with one of BamBam’s iconic “skrrt skrrt.”

BamBam’s mother | BamBam/YouTube  

And BamBam excitedly showed off the rest of his family as they arrive at his house.

His oldest brother Beer, with his nephew, Gentleman.

BamBam’s brother Beer and nephew Gentleman | BamBam/YouTube  

He also showed off his other older brother Bank and his younger sister Baby.

BamBam’s brother Bank and his sister Baby | BamBam/YouTube  

As well as his brother Beer’s wife.

BamBam’s sister-in-law | BamBam/YouTube  

But, of course, BamBam’s focus was on meeting his nephew for the first time. And even though he kept trying to greet Gentleman kindly, his nephew kept backing away.

| BamBam/YouTube  

And his first word to BamBam was “bye.”

| BamBam/YouTube  

To which the idol couldn’t help but laugh and say “bye” back.

But he persisted and eventually got a high-five from his nephew.

| BamBam/YouTube  

And by the end of the night, his family even got BamBam’s nephew also to say the iconic “skrrt skrrt.”

And BamBam couldn’t hide his big smile at his adorable nephew mimicking his phrase.

| BamBam/YouTube  

Hopefully, the idol enjoys his well-deserved rest and time spent with his family.

You can watch his vlog here.