GOT7’s BamBam Tried To Prank Jinyoung But It Turned Out To Be A Big Mistake

A big, big mistake!

When it comes to sensing when his members are up to no good, GOT7‘s Jinyoung has certainly perfected the art as BamBam found out when he made the mistake of trying to prank him!


GOT7 recently performed in Toronto where they had a ton of fun interacting with fans and blew everyone away with their stunning performances.


But it just wouldn’t be a GOT7 concert without a little bit of mischief and during the concert, BamBam realized he had the perfect opportunity to create a little of it himself. As BamBam was taking a drink of water, he suddenly spotted Jinyoung and at that moment he knew he couldn’t miss the opportunity to soak Jinyoung.


So BamBam started following Jinyoung in the hopes of surprising him.


He continued to follow him and even clued the other members in on his plans so they would know not to come between Jinyoung and the water bottle!


But soon after getting close enough to make his move, Jinyoung sensed what BamBam was up to and it didn’t take long for BamBam to realize that he had made a mistake…


A big, big mistake!


Seriously, a huge mistake!


Although BamBam failed to prank Jinyoung and instead almost got soaked himself, Ahgase can’t help cracking up over the moment!


Now maybe BamBam will think twice before trying to prank Jinyoung!