GOT7’s BamBam Knew He Was Going To Get Trolled By His Members And He Was Right

BamBam definitely knows his members well!

BamBam definitely proved he is an expert when it comes to his fellow GOT7 members…especially when it comes to their trolling game!


A few days ago, BamBam blessed fans with a photo from his June 2019 feature in Sudspda magazine. While he had previously shared another picture from the shoot when GOT7 had their first win on M! Countdown


He decided to drop one more, even if it meant he was going to get teased by his members. In fact, BamBam was positive that it was going to happen!

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맴버들 또 놀리겠지….😪

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The members are going to tease me again…

— BamBam


And he wasn’t wrong! Not long after posting the photo, Mark left him a teasing message under the post.


But Mark wasn’t the only one! Yugyeom couldn’t help getting in on it either!


With both Mark and Yugyeom getting in on the teasing, there’s absolutely no denying that BamBam knows his members well!