GOT7’s BamBam Left Everyone Breathless Dressed All In Black At The Airport

His all-black look was almost too much for our hearts!

While GOT7‘s BamBam turns the airport into his own personal runway every time he travels, one of his most recent looks had heads turning and hearts stopping!


GOT7 recently flew back to Korea and as always, their visuals were off the charts! While each of them looked absolutely stunning, BamBam, in particular, caught everyone’s attention.


Keeping things simple by going black from head to toe, BamBam turned things into his own personal fashion show and left everyone gasping for breath.


Every step BamBam took had fans’ hearts beating a little bit quicker…


Made breathing a little bit harder…


And made everyone feel seriously attacked!


With his all-black look, BamBam once again stole everyone’s heart and honestly, it’s no surprise why!


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