Top Choreographer Lia Kim Had Nothing But Praise For GOT7 BamBam’s Dance Skills

She had nothing but love for BamBam:

As the head choreographer for 1Million Dance Studio and someone who was behind some of the most beloved dance routines for songs like Sunmi‘s “Gashina” and TWICE‘s “TT”, there’s a very good reason why Lia Kim is one of the top choreographers in the business.


As such, any compliment coming from her truly means something and during a recent interview, she had nothing but praise for GOT7‘s BamBam.


At one point during the interview, Lia was asked what kind of dancers she liked. While she picked some of her favorite choreographers she also gave a shoutout to TWICE’s Momo, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, and BamBam.

It’s definitely Michael Jackson. And Keone and Mari, he has great choreography. BamBam of GOT7, Momo of TWICE, and Lisa of BLACKPINK are also great dancers.

— Lia Kim


But that’s not all she had to say about BamBam. During the video interview portion, Lia revealed that there was someone she considered to be a dance prodigy…

Dance prodigy…

— Lia


And that someone was BamBam!

GOT7! GOT7’s BamBam!

— Lia


Lia certainly isn’t wrong. In 2007, BamBam won the “Rain Cover Dance” competition in Thailand…


While he received high praise from Yang Hyun Suk for his excellent dance skills when he appeared on YG Entertainment‘s boy group survival show, WIN: Who Is Next?


Not to mention the fact that his dance skills on stage are always on point no matter if he’s performing alone, with his group members, or someone else! With all of his outstanding skills, it isn’t hard to understand why he received all that love from Lia!

Source: Chosun