GOT7’s Mark Charmed Everyone With His Aegyo…Except BamBam

BamBam was not a fan of his aegyo:

GOT7‘s Mark has a lot of fans when it comes to his aegyo. He’s always charmed fans with his cute skills and even other idols have gotten mesmerized by it. But when it came to Mark’s most recent aegyo escapades, BamBam just wasn’t having it!


On the latest episode of Prison Life of Fools, BamBam and Mark were divided into two separate teams and faced off in an epic game of charades! BamBam started the game off and quickly proved he’s a master of charades.


Finishing off with a final “my precious” clue, BamBam and his team were able to guess 9 of the clues during the round!


But it was still Mark’s turn! After showing off his own charade skills, a surprise word made an appearance in the lineup, aegyo!


As the master of all things aegyo, Mark quickly stepped up to the challenge…


And instantly made all of the female celebrities’ hearts flutter!


While he successfully charmed all of them, there was one person who really wasn’t into Mark’s aegyo! When BamBam saw Mark’s display he couldn’t help letting out an “ew” in response!


Although fans love Mark’s aegyo, they can’t help cracking up over BamBam’s response to it and are calling other moments when he just wasn’t a fan of his aegyo!


Looks like some things just don’t change!