GOT7’s BamBam Might Be Leaving Twitter And Instagram For Good

Hopefully, he is able to be happy no matter what he does.

Social media has quickly turned into one of the best ways for fans to interact with their favorite K-Pop idols. One of the idols most known for his usage of social media, specifically Twitter, to interact with fans is GOT7‘s BamBam, though that may be changing soon.

GOT7’s BamBam | @GOT7_Official/Twitter

BamBam has gone viral plenty of times for his hilarious interaction with both fans and members of GOT7.

Most recently, BamBam seemed to have fun “flirting” with Jinyoung on his Twitter account, with the two having a moment of back-and-forth banter. Not too long after this moment, fans noticed that BamBam seemingly deleted his Tweet to Jinyoung, along with a few other Tweets about the other members of the group. BamBam also unfollowed all of the lucky fans he had previously followed.

The tweet from BamBam that Jinyoung is replying to was deleted.

Shortly after, BamBam blacked out his profiles on Twitter and Instagram entirely, leaving fans to wonder if he was simply taking a break from the account as he has done before. Others theorized that he might have gotten hate from “fans” again like when he was attacked for imitating Black Panther.

BamBam’s Twitter profile with the header and profile image removed.

Fans trended “#WeLoveBamBam” while hoping to hear from the artist soon.

Just a day after this, BamBam’s official Weverse community went live following an earlier announcement from his company, ABYSS.  As fans flocked to the social media platform, BamBam began sharing posts and interacting with fans once again, with the same silly attitude that he has always had.

| Weverse

| Weverse

Before ending his time on the app, BamBam shared another post saying that he loved it on Weverse and that it was a mix between Twitter and Instagram. Most importantly, he shared that he felt “so much more safe and comfortable.”

| BamBam/Weverse

As the most-followed K-Pop artist on Twitter, it’s easy to see how negative attention could make BamBam feel about using the app as opposed to a fans-only community where he can be himself. No matter what he decides regarding his Twitter and Instagram, it’s great to see that fans will follow!