GOT7’s BamBam Has Only One Wish For His Fans And It Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

BamBam’s wish is making everyone feel very emotional.

GOT7‘s BamBam revealed he has a single wish for fans and it’s so sweet it may just bring tears to your eyes!


BamBam recently delighted fans with his appearance on popular Thai television show True4U where he promoted GOT7’s upcoming reality program GOT7 Real Thai!


While he was on the show, however, he got to experience lots of love from fans…


And revealed what his biggest wish for all his fans is! When the topic first turned to Ahgases, BamBam talked about the strong bond between them.

We inspire each other. I want to grow up together with them and I hope that we will be together for a long time.

—  BamBam


Then he revealed his deepest wish for fans.

I hope to see them be successful in their life. Someday in the future, I’d like to see a fan who is studying right now graduate then you guys can tag me to let me see! And those of you who are going to get married, let me see too! I believe both of us want to see each other’s achievements. Let’s grow up together!

— BamBam


BamBam’s words instantly touched Ahgases’ hearts and they couldn’t get over his sweet and heartfelt wish!


But that’s BamBam for you! He really is the sweetest guy around!