This Polaroid Camera Failed GOT7’s BamBam And It’s Breaking Every Single Ahgase Heart

Ooop. This hurts.

GOT7, currently on the go to bless the world with their awesomeness, stopped in Newark to perform their US East Coast leg of the tour. The members and fans have come together to celebrate their music – and BamBam wanted to do something special for his fans…


So he reached out to one of the Ahgases in the audience and grabbed her Polaroid camera. He wanted to thank her for her love and support by leaving her a one-and-only Polaroid selfie!


Unfortunately, as BamBam posed for the camera and pushed down on the shutter, he realized something isn’t right…


He immediately noticed that the camera is actually out of Polaroid films and won’t take a picture of him. He turned to the camera’s owner and explained what has happened.


BamBam looked really sorry as he sweetly showed the Ahgase how the Polaroid camera is out of film.


And this whole thing, caught on camera and tweeted by a Twitter user @yugbuny, is now breaking all the Ahgase hearts on the internet. Fans in and outside Korea are torn over how the camera failed all of them.


Unfortunately, luck does fail us like this, in the most critical points of life. But Ahgases can be clear of one thing – BamBam’s love for the fans is real. While it may not be as perfect as a one-and-only Polaroid picture, this entire moment is simply invaluable and nonetheless memorable for the Ahgases who gathered in Newark to see BamBam and GOT7!

Source: THEQOO