GOT7’s Bambam Couldn’t Stop Praising Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu”

“Do you like ‘God’s Menu’?” That wasn’t even a question to Bambam.

Not too long ago, Stray Kids make a major comeback with their first full-length album Go Live and dropped the epic music video for title track “God’s Menu”.

Since GOT7 are their JYP Entertainment seniors, a fan couldn’t help but ask Bambam what he thought of it.

With Bambam being close to Bang Chan, he didn’t hold back in giving his honest opinion, which was overwhelmingly positive.

In his newest live broadcast, BamBam read a fan’s question about the song aloud, “Do you like ‘God’s Menu’?” Before he even finished reading it, he followed it with his answer. Throwing his head as if that wasn’t even a question for him, he shouted “Yes!”

Out of all the title tracks the group released until now, BamBam thought it was one of their best. In fact, he felt it took the top spot. He explained, “It’s really bomb. I think it’s the best song so far for Stray Kids. Like, for real. I like the song a lot.” He didn’t stop there.

It wasn’t just the song he enjoyed. Everything about the concept spoke to Bambam. The chef stage outfits and creative choreography were only a few of the things he liked. “The dance, music video…you know, the outfit. Everything’s so perfect. I love it.”

Since Bang Chan stated that “God’s Menu” was indeed their best title track, no wonder he and Bambam are such great friends. They’re on the same page without even trying.

Check out Bambam gushing over how awesome everything about “God’s Menu” is, beginning at 10:21.