GOT7’s BamBam Shares The Reason Why He And The Members Don’t Give Each Other Birthday Presents Anymore, And It’s Relatable

We can honestly relate.

September is a month filled with birthdays, especially for the GOT7 members! Mark‘s birthday is September 4, Youngjae‘s is September 17, and Jinyoung‘s is September 22, so Ahgases are curious how GOT7 celebrates during this month.

From left: Mark, Youngjae, and Jinyoung at a concert.

In a recent online fanmeeting, an Ahgase asked BamBam if he prepared any gifts for the members for their birthday. He laughed in his response as he explained that he had not and why.

They didn’t give [any gifts to] me, so I didn’t prepare any for them. Give and take.

— BamBam

BamBam during online fanmeeting.

It’s not the case that his members forgot his birthday, and BamBam is hurt, so he is now no longer purchasing gifts for them. The members all came to a mutual understanding that finding the right gift for each other is too difficult. So, now, they just wish each other a “happy birthday.”

We talked about this. It’s hard to find a gift to [give] each other. Just saying ‘happy birthday’ is enough.

— BamBam

While they might not be giving each other birthday gifts, we know that the members give each other gifts at other times! Not only that, but they are quite expensive! Previously, BamBam gave Jinyoung a Rolex watch, costing around $12 to $14,000 USD!

BamBam and Jinyoung’s Rolex watches. | @bambam1a/Instagram

The GOT7 members truly care for each other as family, and Ahgases know it! They support each other with any chance they get.

You can watch the video from the fanmeeting below:

Source: @un_matt9397