BamBam Revealed Which Members Of GOT7 Are The Most Likely To Spoil Him

These 3 members spoil BamBam the most!

As a member of GOT7‘s maknae line, of course, BamBam receives a whole lot of love from his hyungs and sometimes that love comes in the form of some serious spoiling. But not all his members spoil him alike and BamBam just revealed which 3 members spoil him the most!


BamBam got to have a ton of fun and meet up with fans during the special meet and greet event with Jaxx, a Thai snack brand. During the event, the MC took the opportunity to ask BamBam everyone’s burning questions including one about which members spoil him the most.


And BamBam revealed them all! First up and at the top of BamBam’s list, JB!


BamBam revealed that although JB didn’t spoil him at first, now he lets BamBam get away with pretty much anything!

JB! At first he wouldn’t but lately, he allows me to do what I want.

— BamBam


Next up and in spot number 2, Yugyeom!


Although Yugyeom might be the youngest member of them all, he’s got his besties back and is ready to spoil him a little too!

Yugyeom always does what I request. Like, if I ask him to get me some water he’ll bring it to me. But if Jackson asked Yugyeom to bring him water, he would say, ‘Don’t you have hands too?’

— BamBam


And rounding out the list in spot number 3, Jackson.


As BamBam said, Jackson has always spoiled him a bit!

Jackson, he always treats me like a baby.

— BamBam


Now everyone knows exactly who spoils BamBam the most!

Source: @FairyBelle94