GOT7’s BamBam Reveals The Contents Of His “History-Making” Oversized Overseas Travel Bag

It was a video of many firsts!

GOT7‘s BamBam was the most recent K-Pop star to appear in Vogue Korea‘s What’s In My Bag segment!

Unlike most stars, the magazine staff were shook when he brought out what they described as “the biggest bag in the history of MY VOGUE.”

As soon as BamBam introduced fans to his special XL Balenciaga overseas travel bag, it was clear that the video was not exaggerating! At one point, it even covered all of BamBam’s face, which was a first.

BamBam then went on to show fans the sort of items he takes with him overseas. It started quite normally with some incense sticks to relieve stress and, although it is not directly in his bag, a lucky charm to drive away bad energy.

Then things went back to the extreme! Everyone needs music in their life, but BamBam seemed to need something more than just a phone and headphones.

It seems like the fellow GOT7 members are also skeptical of BamBam’s choice of such a large speaker and often ask him, “Do you really need that big of a speaker?

If that wasn’t enough, it felt like the items just got more extravagant than the usual contents of someone’s bag. BamBam revealed that he carries a case full of glasses to make sure he has one for each occasion. He then brought out another huge box, but this time containing accessories!

Fans then realized why BamBam had to carry such a big bag as he revealed yet another first for Vogue Korea: a blanket he has had since he was a trainee!

Although the final items were some special watches he gifted himself after huge achievements, BamBam definitely had one of the most unique “What’s in my bag” videos Vogue Korea has seen!

Make sure to watch the full video below!