GOT7’s Bambam Reveals He Wants A Bod Just Like EXO Sehun

EXO-Ls are giving him lots of love!

EXO-Ls know that the members of GOT7 are pretty big fans of EXO. After all, they’ve shown they know the choreography to their moves on more than one occasion and have been caught have a great time during EXO’s performances on music shows.


Fans also know that the feeling is mutual as the two groups have become quite close over the years!


But even though EXO-Ls already know they have a ridiculously cute relationship already, they couldn’t help but be excited when they found out that BamBam wanted to head to the gym so he could match one of the EXO member’s physique!


BamBam was recently spotted at the airport talking to a fan in Thai. During their conversation he let it slip that he wanted to go to the gym to work out…

“I want to go to the gym…”

— BamBam


So his body would look like Sehun’s!

“So I can have a body like Sehun hyung.”

— BamBam


Everybody thinks his reply is incredibly sweet and BamBam has been receiving a whole lot of love from EXO-Ls!