GOT7’s BamBam Reveals The One Thing He Didn’t Like From The “riBBon” MV

He just wasn’t a big fan of it!

It’s been a week since the release of GOT7 BamBam‘s first solo song “riBBon,” and we still can’t get enough of its bright and cheery beat, as well as the multiple stunning outfits he wore.

BamBam in “riBBon” | BamBam SPACE/YouTube

While BamBam has expressed his love for the song and music video, there is one thing that he isn’t quite a fan of in the music video: the tartan shorts he wore.

He shared that he isn’t a big fan of shorts in general, as he thinks it ruins the “body line.”

BamBam was intent on making everything perfect, from the music to the styling, but in the end his company Abyss managed to convince him to wear the shorts just this once.

Source: BamBam SPACE


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