GOT7’s BamBam Reveals What Kind Of Acting Roles He Wants To Try In The Future, And His Answer Might Surprise You

We need actor BamBam now!

It seems as if the members of GOT7 are shining in K-Dramas at the moment, with Youngjae starring in Netflix‘s So Not Worth It and Jinyoung playing a lead role in The Devil Judge. All of the members have tried their hand at acting in some way, through individual jobs or together in shows like Dream Knight.

GOT7 on the poster for K-Drama Dream Knight | IMDb

In a recent interview with GQ Thailand, it seems as if BamBam is ready to spread his wings and try some more diverse roles. During the video, he was asked whether he would want to star in any Thai films or dramas.

Although he explained that it was difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic not allowing them to travel, he thinks it would be fun if there were a chance to try. Yet, rather than a typical love story or comedy, BamBam had a different idea of the role he wanted to play.

It will be fun to be in a ghost movie. Personally, I’m scared of ghosts, but I want to try a ghost movie. I don’t want to be a hero. I want to try a villain role or something like this.

— BamBam

As well as knowing the type of role he wanted to play, it seems as if BamBam had thought about this question a lot. BamBam seemed to have a particular plotline and character that he wanted to play.

I want to try a thriller movie. And I’m actually the murderer, something like that. I want to try something completely different.

— BamBam

There is no denying that Ahgases would love to see BamBam act more. Who knows, after this interview, there could be a list of writers and producers ready to write BamBam his dream role. You can watch the whole video below:

Source: GQ Thailand and FI