GOT7’s BamBam Was Savage AF To His Members And They Had No Idea

He truly is one of a kind.

The members of GOT7 have perfected the art of being savage and extra at the same time. Fans have turned so many of these moments into memes, each one more hilarious than the last and so they are also always on the lookout for more of these meme-filled moments. While there are plenty of savage and extra moments out there already, BamBam may have just outdone himself!


Since they recently dropped the repacked album “Present: You & Me”, the group has been doing some promotions including a recent livestream that’s had Ahgases everywhere in fits of laughter.


During this particular livestream, all of the members were their amazing extra selves…


But BamBam was on a whole other level!


There was the moment he called one of Jinyoung’s memes a miracle…


Then proceeded to zoom in on Jackson’s “Stop Stop It” era picture much to the delight of fans.


His shock over Youngjae’s betrayal had everyone giggling.


And his pestering of Yugyeom brought out even more laughs!


But there was one moment that proved to the best of them all. As the group was signing off, BamBam switched to Thai to say his own farewell.

Because it was BamBam, everyone was sure that what he said wasn’t just any old sign off and with a little digging they found out it certainly wasn’t!


Knowing that none of his fellow members speak Thai, just straight up said what he wanted to!


Netizens have been cracking up over this added bit of extra savageness.


He truly is the one and only BamBam, savage and extra king extraordinaire!