GOT7’s BamBam Shares The Touching Story Behind His Lucky Charm

It is a touching tale!

GOT7‘s BamBam recently appeared in a video for Vogue Korea where he shared the contents of his oversized travel bag!

Although many of the items were quite big, one thing was very special to him. Even though it was too precious to put in his actual bag, he wanted to show it to the fans. It was a lucky charm that was supposed to drive away bad energy!

He then shared the touching story behind how he first got the lucky charm!

BamBam explained that, after he first debuted, he was going through a tough time adjusting to this new life.

I got a lot of malicious comments in the beginning. So, I was very disheartened at the time.

— GOT7 BamBam

One morning, BamBam was crying alone in his dorm room. He recalled how there was a woman who would do the housekeeping and how much he liked her! When she saw that he was crying, she came in and tried to console him.

When BamBam told her, she gave him the special charm and told him that she had carried it around for a long time. It was this small action that had a huge impact on BamBam!

Ever since I got this, I feel more comforted!

— GOT7 BamBam

BamBam then added that if someone needed the charm more than him, he would give it to them. However, for now, he needs it and is very thankful to the woman for giving him something so precious!

You can see what else BamBam keeps in his bag in the full video below!