GOT7’s BamBam And SHINee’s Taemin Wore The Same Matching Set But Served Totally Different Vibes

They both slayed this look!

GOT7‘s BamBam and SHINee‘s Taemin are both fashion icons!

GOT7’s BamBam | @bambam1a/Instagram
SHINee’s Taemin | @lm_____ltm/Instagram

Both of these artists put out mini albums this year. Taemin released the Advice mini album in May, and BamBam released the riBBon mini album in June. The riBBon mini album was actually BamBam’s first solo mini album!

| BamBam/YouTube

In one scene from the “Advice” music video, Taemin is shown in what appears to be a cramped motel room.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

In this scene, he wears a tartan bomber jacket with matching pants. The jacket and pants are from the London-based brand Charley Jeffrey LOVERBOY created by designer Charles Jeffrey. The Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY brand is known for its “dynamic mix of unapologetic queer flamboyance, club kid couture and a whole lot of punk spirit.” The jacket costs $775 USD, and the pants cost $459 USD.

Taemin wore a cream-colored sweater under the jacket. He also wore knee-length boots, white socks, and fishnet knee-high stockings. His pants were cropped to show his boots, socks, and stockings. He finished the look off with a hat that matched the pants and jacket.

He rocked the same look in the scene where he’s shown driving and crashing a car.

He also wore it during a performance of “Advice” on SBS‘s Inkigayo.

| SBS KPOP/YouTube

Taemin served cool, edgy vibes in his Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY outfit! “Advice” is a rebellious song about Taemin following his own path and ignoring what everyone else has to say, and this look definitely fit the vibe of the song.

| @shinee/Instagram

The spiky pants and bomber jacket added a rocker edge to the look, and his fishnets and boots highlighted the Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY outfit’s punk aesthetic.

| @tytmzen/Twitter

BamBam wore the same jacket and pants while dancing in his “riBBon” music video.

| BamBam/YouTube

Like Taemin, BamBam also cropped his pants. He wore a red V-neck sweater with a ruffled neckline with the suit. He finished the look off with long black socks and black and white shoes.

BamBam served whimsical, playful vibes in the Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY set.

The entire “riBBon” video was full of playful, bright colors and gorgeous sets that highlighted the song’s fantasy-like concept.

Whereas BamBam’s bomber jacket and cropped pants fit his video’s whimsical aesthetic, Taemin’s styling of the same exact jacket and pants fit his video’s edgy aesthetic.

Both these talented artists absolutely slayed their looks while perfectly matching their videos’ concepts!

Same Fit, Different Vibes