The “Most Shocking” Gift A Fan Ever Gave GOT7’s BamBam

His reaction shows his true character.

WayV‘s Ten joined host and fellow Thai K-Pop idol, GOT7‘s BamBam, on the most recent episode of BamHouse. The topic of the conversation eventually moved to the special gifts that they received from their fans.

The one that BamBam still remembers until now is a massage chair that retails for thousands of dollars. He believed he should not have received something so valuable.

The most shocking gift I received when I just debuted was a massage chair. I was really surprised. I was like ‘No need to give this much to me.’

— BamBam

Ten understood the relevance of this gift especially considering the aches they get from their line of work. Not only are K-Pop idols tired due to their jampacked schedules, but they also have to practice and perform for hours each day, causing pain on their bodies.

Ten: The massaging chair must be very useful though.

BamBam: Yeah, it is.

Still, BamBam shared that he does not like it when fans spend their hard-earned money on him. He eventually stopped accepting all gifts and found that he was happier this way.

On birthday, many fans give expensive gifts, right? I don’t feel comfortable with those gifts so. [At one point, I stopped] receive gifts. From that time on, I started to feel more comfortable.

— BamBam

Ten agreed with this sentiment. He ended the conversation with a sweet message to fans, sincerely telling them that their verbal love is more than enough for him.

I don’t want to [be a burden to] the fans. Just words are good enough for me.

— Ten

Though both Ten and BamBam appreciate the gifts their fans give—such as an expensive massage chair—it is more than enough to support them from afar.

Check out the full video below to learn more about them!

Source: YouTube