Someone Gave GOT7’s BamBam A Very Realistic Durian Bag And His Reaction Was Priceless

BamBam’s reaction had fans cracking up:

BaDuring GOT7‘s Spinning Top concert in Seoul, BamBam received a very unusual gift from a fan and his reaction was absolutely priceless!


GOT7 recently kicked off their Spinning Top world tour and it was definitely a kick off to remember! They left everyone breathless with their performances, had plenty of fun interactions on stage, and of course, made precious memories with IGOT7!


And one of those precious memories is thanks to one fan’s durian gift and BamBam’s reaction to it! From the moment BamBam received the gift, fans were loling over his hilarious reaction. Especially since BamBam went from confusion one minute…


To totally rolling with the gift…


And rocking the durian like nobody’s business!


While Ahgase couldn’t stop cracking up over BamBam’s reaction to the durian, many fans were also amazed that one of their fellow fans had managed to sneak in a whole durian!


But the durian turned out to be a very realistic imposter!

It was actually this very realistic durian bag!


Although it may not have been a real durian, BamBam definitely loved the unique gift…


As did Jackson!