Someone Told BamBam He Should Stan GOT7 And His Reaction Was Priceless

Fans can’t stop cracking up over the whole situation:

GOT7 are getting ready to kick off the North American leg of their Keep Spinning world tour and recently touched down in New York ahead of their concert and appearances on NBC’s Today Show and FOX5’s Good Day New York.


When GOT7 touched down they received a very warm welcome from fans who even started a #WelcomeGOT7toUSA hashtag in celebration!


While GOT7 once again stunned with their presence at the airport, there’s one moment in particular from their arrival that caught everyone’s attention. As GOT7 made their way through the airport while greeting fans, someone saw the perfect opportunity to tell BamBam to stan their favorite group…GOT7!

BamBam, stan GOT7!

— Fan


When BamBam heard his name being called, he slowed down and looked around for the person, who once again gave a second shout of “stan GOT7” for all to hear…


Including BamBam who’s reaction says it all!


Meanwhile, Ahgases have been cracking up over the fact that someone told BamBam to stan his own group.


Some fans have even been teasing that they’re waiting for BamBam to open his own fan account!


Meanwhile, GOT7 are getting ready to kick off the North American leg of their tour on June 27 and will be making appearances on the Today Show on June 26 and Good Day New York on the 27th.