GOT7’s BamBam Spills About His First Love And The Heartbreaking Way Their Relationship Ended

It’s sad that BamBam’s first love ended this way!

GOT7‘s BamBam is currently one of the five MCs of the reality program EXchange (also known as Transit Love 2), a TVING dating program that reunites couples that have broken up and gives them the chance to fall in love again or find someone new.

GOT7’s BamBam | @BAMBAMxABYSS/Twitter

The promotional flyer for EXchange (also known as Transit Love 2).

Alongside Girl’s Day‘s Yura, Simon D, Lee Yong Jin, and Kim Ye Won, BamBam discusses the actions of the different participants of the show, while giving commentary on their own personal lives.

During one portion of episode 12, the MCs were observing and discussing the relationship between two of the contestants when BamBam commented that “Goodbye. Take care.” was something that he wishes he could have heard from his ex. When one of the other MCs questions him, BamBam admits that his ex just disappeared on him!

When asked if she ghosted him, BamBam clarifies that she didn’t do that and explains that both of them happened to be trainees, presumably at JYP Entertainment. The girl was a foreigner so when she was eliminated from the trainee process she had to return home but left without saying goodbye.

GOT7’s BamBam (left) and Mark Tuan (right) as trainees at JYP Entertainment.

BamBam confessed that he couldn’t even call what happened a break-up because of the way she just disappeared. He then admits that she was his first love and it seems like the experience deeply impacted him. He admits that not being able to say goodbye also made him sad.

Simon D commiserated with him, saying that “it hurts more when it’s your first love,” before lightening the moment by saying “take care” to BamBam like he always wanted to hear!

Though they ended sadly, hopefully, BamBam has beautiful memories of his first love to think back on as well!