GOT7’s BamBam Spills The Meaning Of His Tattoos And The Ones He Wants To Get In The Future

Was that a hint about his next comeback?

In a recent interview with Arena Homme+, GOT7‘s BamBam went through his tattoos, explaining the meaning behind each one. While he already has several, he also revealed what tattoos he plans to get in the future.

| 아레나옴므플러스/YouTube

This is not the first time GOT7 have revealed their tattoos. The group confidently showed them off in concept photos for their recent comeback, GOT7. BamBam and his members, including Jackson Wang and Mark Tuan, all went sleeveless and on full display mode.

Jackson | @GOT7/Twitter 

Yet, this might be the first time BamBam has carefully gone through his tattoos and shared the personal meaning behind them.

The first one he mentioned was a tattoo he recently got of an owl sitting on top of the number 97. The number represents his birth year (1997), which BamBam feels gives the tattoo more of a personal flair… But the owl is a bird BamBam simply likes for its mystical sense and its ‘mysterious vibe.’

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The second one is a tattoo of the letters ‘BB,’ which, of course, stand for his name. But it’s not the only ‘BB’ tattoo he wants. According to BamBam, he plans to also get a tattoo of the ‘BB’ logo from his mini album, riBBon, though he is still waiting for the right time.

While he still has tattoos that he has not really shared about (most notably the chest one)…

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…BamBam did spill on yet another tattoo that he plans to get. He revealed that he wants to get ‘Red Eye’ tattooed on his back! Or at least, somewhere where you can see it from the back.

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In past live streams, BamBam mentioned that his favorite song is “Red Eye” by Justin Bieber

…which he loves so much he also referenced it on Twitter.

Therefore, some fans have been thinking of other possible meanings for the intended tattoo, especially considering BamBam’s reputation as GOT7’s ‘spoiler king.’

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Perhaps in the future we’ll find out whether this was a clue from BamBam or not, but given that he does like tattoos that mark special moments for him (such as riBBon), it could be possible that ‘Red Eye’ might somehow factor in to his next comeback!

You can watch BamBam discussing his tattoos on the link below.