GOT7’s BamBam Spills His Secrets To Learning English Quickly And Leaves Ahgases With A Mystery

BamBam has Ahgases guessing the meaning behind his “secret.” 😂

GOT7‘s BamBam recently released his first full-length solo album, and with his current promotions, fans are able to see a lot more of the talented star on shows and in media.

While many fans tune into BamBam’s activities virtually, four lucky fans had the chance to meet the GOT7 member in person during BamBam’s BYOB, a video filmed with Hello82.

GOT7’s BamBam | @sbsnoriter/Twitter

During the fun video, the four Ahgases were able to try BamBam’s craft beer, and each of the fans brought their own choice of craft beer for everyone to try. The entertaining catch was for each beer the group tried, BamBam had to honestly answer a question from fans.

As their drinking progressed, BamBam opened up about leaving JYP Entertainment, GOT7 becoming a self-owned group, making his solo debut, and the impact Ahgases have on him.

One of the questions BamBam was asked was how to learn English faster. The talented idol is fluent in Thai, Korean, and English, so international fans were eager to hear the answer. BamBam had a few methods for learning the language and teased that there were other methods he wasn’t able to reveal.

For his first secret, BamBam shared that watching the long-running American animated television shows The Simpsons and Family Guy helped him learn English more quickly.

His second secret to learning the language quickly was a throwback to his days as a trainee at JYP Entertainment. He gave a shout-out to his fellow English-speaking dorm mates at the time, who ended up being DAY6‘s Young K, BTOB‘s Peniel, Stray KidsBang Chan, and fellow GOT7 members Jackson and Mark.

He shared that he learned a lot by listening to them converse and trying to communicate with them.

As for his third secret to learning English quickly, he hilariously shared that it would remain a secret, piquing the interest of the four lucky Ahgases. He encouraged them to voice what they thought the third secret was but never revealed it, leaving fans with a new mystery.

BamBam is known for being open and honest with fans, regardless of the topic. In the article below, check out more of his candid responses to burning questions!

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