GOT7’s BamBam Shares How “The Love Of His Life” Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Inspired Him To Debut

“I love her so much and I still do.”

The rapper has always talked about his admiration for the popular girl group member, but today he spilled some more information on how she helped him debut.

During an interview the GOT7 star had with Eric Nam for the DAEBAK Show on YouTube, BamBam went more in-depth on how he’s loved Taeyeon for “over 10 years now” and his reaction to meeting her in person. The way he started talking about Taeyeon made Eric Nam erupt in laughter at his friend’s cuteness.

Love of my life… Idol… I love her so much and I still do. Over 10 years now… Taeyeon

— BamBam

BamBam then shared how it felt to sit next to her when invited as a guest on Amazing Saturday, which Taeyeon is a cast member of. The rapper explained how he couldn’t even look Taeyeon’s way and only looked opposite to where she was sitting out of nervousness.  He then revealed that Taeyeon actually knows about BamBam’s admiration of her and the idol even invited him to share a high five whenever he would get his answers on the show right, BamBam happily took the offer but he said he couldn’t even look at her and had his head low.

I would love to have her on the show. But you know, season one is almost done…

— BamBam

“I was so shy I couldn’t even look at her.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Despite all this cuteness, the best story of the interview came after Eric Nam prompted BamBam what he would ask Taeyeon if he could ask anything. BamBam had yet another incredibly sweet response ready to go.

I don’t want to ask anything. All I wanna say is thank you for making me who I’ve become today.

— BamBam

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

The GOT7 member then went on to reveal the story of how he actually went to see Taeyeon during a fan sign and how that become an inspiration for him. He explained that this happened back in 2012 when Taeyeon debuted alongside her fellow member Tiffany and Seohyun as part of the Girls’ Generation – TTS unit. BamBam shared that during the fan sign, he told Taeyeon that he was a JYP Entertainment trainee and that he didn’t know if he would be able to debut but he was super happy to see her.

| SM Entertainment

Taeyeon’s response was simple, but BamBam shared that it became an inspiration and motivation for him to keep working hard as a trainee.

She just wrote something for me. She was like ‘See you when you debut.’ And that is the main power that kept me going at that time

— BamBam

BamBam added that the thought of meeting Taeyeon again, as an officially debuted idol, and showing her the album she signed for him was something he looked forward to during the rough days of being a trainee.

Man I’m gonna debut. I’m gonna meet Taeyeon noona again and give this album to her. I will be like ‘I debuted.’ And that happened.

— BamBam

But BamBam’s sweet words for Taeyeon have no end, as he later went on to say that he doesn’t consider himself just a fanboy of the idol. Nodding along when Eric Nam referred to Taeyeon as BamBam’s “inspiration.

I am [a fanboy], but Taeyeon means much more than that for me.

— BamBam

Thankfully, BamBam has already had his successful fan story and we can’t wait to have even more cute interactions between him and “the love of his life” Taeyeon.